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Without having much oomph left in me last week, I didn't bring myself back to working on package updates and other details needed to bring s6-rc up to date for replacing BSD Init and filling out the next "easy steps". But lo and behold, I turn things on this morning and Colin has already brought the packages up-to-date.

Not that they're available in the FreeBSD package repos just yet, but they are available in HEAD at the ports tree so it's an easy process to vagrant up the portbuilder and put everything together.

Next consideration is whether to try this with Vagrant now, or at AWS; the former is a plus in that I need to know more about vagrant images and provisioning anyway; the latter is a plus in that the barrier to entry is much lower (and I can provide a how-to via a single-run Ansible script, once tested and ready).

So just to recap, here's my latest status on the "easy steps" list:

  • Configure a dedicated "ports builder" vagrant image (done)
  • Contact colin to request an update for s6 (done)
  • Move on with upgrading s6 & skalibs locally (done)
  • Set up an alternate, stripped-down vagrant image (what can I throw away?) / OR an AWS image
  • Set up a second (or is that third, now?) dummy image to test Bercot's s6-rc setup instructions
  • Start putting together my tools wishlist. (nmap, munin, samhain/yule, ansible, Lynis, etc.)

Revisiting my goals, though – following the s6-rc setup, I think I'd rather try to move towards developing some DTrace toys that play together with Laurent's process supervisor, and try to come up with a generic method for deeply exposing process lifecycles.

The next real post, I think, will rather than make apparent progress, try to lay out the Ansible image creation strategy for quickly prototyping this stuff.