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We’ll always have Paris.

Spent the last four days in tutorial sessions and some very enjoyable talks. As soon as I come up with a good way of integrating images in this ad-hoc tool, I’ll post my selfie with Groff the BSD Goat and some of the speakers pointing at slides. In the meantime, highlights:

  • Every BSD on AWS! I think I need to package some stuff. Also: time to resurrect metaports? Specifically mentioned: wordpress... ಠ_ಠ But maybe we can ~~break~~ fix it. Packaged PF configs?
  • I need to eat some humble pie and try OpenBSD as a laptop OS. Semi-related (but not really), it’s time to add Vivaldi to the FreeBSD ports tree. Guess I have to ¯_(ツ)_/¯ doesn’t seem like anyone else will.
  • DTrace is ready. We need tools! And more graphs like these. @Ove_ also raised the possibility of attaching DTrace output to grafana; I’m also thinking of either Munin or elasticsearch (@gnn mentioned adding libixo (?) support soon to get binary data output. Must research.
  • Time to read Advanced ZFS. And set refreservation on our datasets. And reserve some space. Intel is apparently using ZFS clones across NFS to do rapid deployments (supercool).

On the train back, I heard back from the very kind Paul Jarc of; he pointed me to a more likely solution for replacing BSD init, Laurent Bercot’s s6 suite. Jarc actually builds against skalibs, and so putting these together I think is not only a reasonable way to go but also puts me firmly on the path to replacing Cron as the next step following init. Will need to poke s6’s maintainer, though; port’s out of date by over a year. Of course if I’m building it myself...