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I’ve definitely let this lapse a bit too long in the last several weeks, much like everything else. What can I say? 2017 has been overwhelming, and the last weeks leading up to Christmas were packed to the gills with my day job and end-of-year deadlines. The only progress I’ve made since, is to update the letsencrypt certificates once (which, it turns out, is incredibly easy once the base bits are in place), and to add the recommended Cron job handling the periodic renewal. Also set up: a short domain,, for email and other toys.

But have no fear, the next steps are laid out and I’m quite ready to go. So long as the other projects don’t impinge: phone battery replacement being one; alternate MX being another; researching current attempts at BSD container management a third.

Oh yeah, and now packages/2018Q1 comes with flavors. What’s that about?

Also, I’ll be starting a new section with less meandering posts like this one, with short guides and notes on other stuff already done. Like this:

/FreeBSD on MacBook 2008.txt