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I haven't been filling out this blog much after setting it up primarily because I've been occupied with schoolwork. This past February I started in on my MA work for the Open U and it's been rough going. I'd love to imagine myself somewhat skilled at this, but it's been so long now since I've done any schoolwork that I find myself struggling to write again. First paper only netted a "high pass 3", which I still haven't been able to compare to anything from the letter-grading system I'm accustomed to from CU.

Apparently I'm terrible at writing now.

The current subject in class is on identity, with regards to Parfit, Swinburne, and Wiggins, and left me a little loopy. It's becoming hard to extract my own thoughts on the matter from the discussion progressing through the course's reading list. So much so that I'm not even sure what to write on the side, if anything at all. There doesn't seem to be anything I can reasonably contribute to the discussion: a spare attempt to regard the whole problem in set-theoretical terms was shot down by the tutor, which was the only way I'd managed to get a stable ground for viewing the problem from.

At the end of Johnston's paper is a discussion of "social continuers." I'm thinking this use of "personas" is the way to go, but how to get there from Swinburne of all people?